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Dream Chaser (Dream-Hunter Series #3)

Dream Chaser (Dream-Hunter Series #3) - I haven't read any of Sherrilyn's books for a while, because I totally burned myself out reading the Dark-Hunter books one after the other with no break back in 2004. Reading this one, I remembered why I did that in the first place. Had a really good time, got totally sucked into the romance.I'm a little surprised at the reviews calling this "porn" or "erotica," because there was way less sex and sexual tension in this book than in any of the Dark-Hunter books... at least, if I'm remembering them correctly. My only complaint about this one was that the ending felt rushed, and a bit too convenient. But I can hardly fault the author, considering I'd be wondering, "Why not ask one of these Gods or half-Gods for help, if they're so powerful?" if she didn't let her characters utilize their help.