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What a Scoundrel Wants

What a Scoundrel Wants - Carrie Lofty I have to admit, in the interest of writing a totally honest review, that I'm not that familiar with the Robin Hood legends. What little I know of Will Scarlet is that he either gets a tiny sidekick role or left out of the thing entirely when it comes to movies and books. So, I was really excited to see him in a starring role. I loved the heroine, even though I usually cringe at the thought of original characters interacting with established characters in a story... I'm always a bit afraid they're going to become avatars for the author's Mary Sue fantasies.As far as Heroines go, she's not perfect. She's self-absorbed and self-pitying, and she has a tendency to get lost in daydreams. I loved that. I love characters who aren't perfect. In fact, no one in this book is a perfect character. They're realistic, not just cardboard cut-outs of typical historical romance figures. The author definitely gets bonus points in my book for making Robin Hood kind of a jerk. That takes real guts.I'm never a fan of heroines with disabilities, because they tend to be written as either saintly and patient, with no volatile emotions because they're The Noble Cripple, or they're made into The Magic Cripple who might be [insert physical disability here:], but has all kinds of amazing powers because of it. Yes, Meg is talented, but not because of her blindness. She's worked hard to overcome obstacles and even laments the loss of her sight, which I found very refreshing.My only complaint about this book is that the plot seems like too much for the word count, and I felt like we were whipping past really important things. Also, I hated Meg's sister, and desperately wanted Dr. Phil to step in and tell Meg to stop putting her life in danger for this woman who was manipulating and using her.