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Virgin River - Robyn Carr This book was not chosen by me, but chosen for me when I drew a number out of a hat at my writing group's Christmas book exchange. Honestly, if I had seen this on the shelf at the bookstore, I wouldn't have picked it up. My two least favorite things in a book are military heroes and babies, and this had both, right in the back cover copy.I'm so glad I gave this one a chance. The town of Virgin River sucked me in immediately-- it reminds me of the town I live in, though there aren't so many sexy guys and single women hooking up all over the place-- and kept my attention, even when most of the plot featured my most hated romance devices. Grieving widow, check. Ex-Marine, check. Abandoned baby. That's a big check.Still, Robyn Carr is such a skillful writer that I cared about these characters as people. They never became stereotypes or tropes, they were who they were and as the reader, I accepted them on that level.Even if this book seems like something you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, try it. You will be absolutely drawn in.